Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Diane's Review ~ Can't Stop Loving You by Lynnette Austin

Can't Stop Lovin' You (Maverick Junction, #3)Can't Stop Lovin' You by Lynnette Austin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A determined second chance…

Maggie and Brawley’s story has been percolating through this series and finally, finally, it was their turn! If you’ve read Ty and Sophie and Cash and Annie’s stories than you are joyfully familiar with the towns of Maverick Junction and Lone Tree. They are filled with characters that warm the soul in true Texan fashion.

Maggie and Brawley had a falling out years earlier and living in different towns/cities allowed that distance to exist… until now. Brawley is back and he is determined and relentless in trying to breach the canyon-size gap between them. Maggie is having none of it! Let the games begin!

“She’d convinced herself she hated him. But despite that, she wanted him, and that really pissed her off.”

Their story was full of all the things I have come to expect from this series, this author. The banter is at times snarky, sometimes sweet but always with a wealth of emotion behind it. And they are not alone. There is family and friends that make their story richer, funnier and all the better for the love and support – and kick in the pants – they provide at just the right time.

While the storyline was not new, I couldn’t help but fall in love with the towns, and the characters, all over again. They are a slice of everyone’s life – or what we would like it to be… I hope there is more to come in this series as I’m not ready to leave this corner of Texas!

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