Thursday, July 20, 2017

Diane's Review ~ Where I Need To Be by Jamie Hollins

Where I Need To Be (McKenna, #3)Where I Need To Be by Jamie Hollins
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I wish there would be more from the McKennas…

I was so tired but I couldn’t resist starting to read. So what if it was midnight and I had to work early. I got to 10% and I had to force myself to close my kindle. That meant I wouldn’t get back to it until tomorrow night. Oh yes, I was going to be cranky… Megan and James were flirting, and skirting, around love and commitment with a no-emotions-involved relationship. Yeah, let’s see how long that lasts…

Opposites attract? Blue collar meets high society? An emotional minefield disguised as a second chance? Call it what you will, I was hooked from the first page of their seemingly low-key romance. Well, hooked even earlier probably as this series quietly snuck under my radar but quickly became a favourite.

“What if she was a bad judge of character when it came to other guys as well? Maybe not being in a committed relationship was a good thing.”

Megan is just starting over and is struggling to find her footing as an independent woman again. James has spent years devoted to his small family and putting their financial and emotional needs first. They both seem to take a respite from those responsibilities as they indulge in their ‘no commitment’ relationship’. It is hot and carnal and satisfying. Even as emotions start to trickle in…
While I was a bit disappointed in some of the plot twists at the end (which added some tried, yet true, story choices) I loved how James and Megan came to be… With a satisfying epilogue, I still couldn’t help wishing the story was longer, the series had more to come and the McKennas had many more relatives….

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