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Jess's Review ~ His Turn by J.A. Huss

His Turn (Turning, #3)His Turn by J.A. Huss
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This series is slightly beyond hot-as-hell and this last one is no different.

Elias/Bric/Bricman has been the most complex of all the men in these books. You get to know him and his ways through the previous two books but still his motives and truths have been illusive. Going in I was chomping at the bit to know more about him and to see if finally he will win a game. And then as I am reading, I am not quite sure what winning for him will even mean. There is no clear end in sight, there is no moment when you can see how it is going to go, you are left in this sort of limbo state all the way through the end.

Elias has more secrets then I expected, he has always been guarded yet in control. He is commands a room and this story. It takes a long time for him to unfold and still there are times you are not quite sure where his head is at. I don't know that ever in his life has he met his match, but then he meets Nadia.

Nadia is an interesting character; she's unique and unexpected. A ballerina who happened into the sights of Jordan. Not quite a submissive but not quite a dominant either. She thinks she knows how this game is played and she thinks that she will out play both Elias and Jordan but secrets and pasts and a whole lot of male dominance might be more than she bargained for.

These characters gave me some serious whiplash. Up and down, extremely hot to arctic cold, they kept me on my toes and wondering how it would play out. This was a bittersweet end to a series that I have thoroughly enjoyed and while I didn't love this book as much as the prior two I did really enjoy the depth and complicated lives of these two characters. There was also that tidbit at the end that has me looking forward to what is to come next from this author.

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