Monday, July 3, 2017

Jess's Review ~ More Than Need You by Shayla Black

More Than Need You (More Than Words, #2)More Than Need You by Shayla Black
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I was looking forward to this book after More than Want You and to see how in the world Griff and Britta are going to come to terms with years of baggage, miscommunication and little boy.
Griffin is successful and a bit jaded. He believes he knows what caused the end of his and Britta's relationship but now things are different. He is different but it might be too little too late. Britta is finally moving on and trying to find a life for her and her son. She doesn't want to still love Griffin, she doesn't want that kind of pain in her life and neither can really trust the other.
So begins the emotional journey between these two. Griffin had some double standards and at times was a bit overbearing. Britta being confused about her feelings and what she is going to do comes off freezing cold and eventually steamy hot. This was a story that had me hooked. I wanted to know what was going to happen and see how they began to repair that bridge they created. The jealousy and miscommunication is a highlight in their lives which always causes a good amount of drama.
This series is unlike what else I have read from this author. There are a lot more feelings and emotion. A lot of pain and love flow through the pages. There is still some smoking hot scenes that I have come to look forward to from Ms. Black but beyond that there is a lot of story and substance. And even though our main characters made me, at times, what to reach through the book to shake them around a bit they held my attention throughout.
The series is not done and like the last time, we are geared up for Harlow's story. There is enough of her and what's happening her life to make you want to find out more.

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