Saturday, July 22, 2017

Nikki's Review ~ Two is a Lie by Pam Godwin

Two is a Lie (Tangled Lies, #2)Two is a Lie by Pam Godwin
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


I'm not going to lie it took me a couple of days till I was ready to get my thoughts in order to write a review of Pam Godwin's Two is a Lie the second installment of her Tangled Lies series.

You must read the first book One is a Promise to understand the players in this drama that is the the train wreck of Danni, Cole, and Trace.

I didn't want to like this book because I can't see a way this will work out for any of the people involved. I got tired of Danni feeling so much guilt because of loving these two men, and her struggle to decide which man she should choose. Of course Pam Godwin is a master at writing possessive alpha men, so Cole and Trace weren't going to step aside.

But there was so much deception, lies and betrayal these men put Danni through that I was starting to wonder why she loved them or even want a future with a man that you could never fully trust. I got impatient with her struggling when I couldn't see any redeeming qualities in Cole or Trace.

And then Pam Godwin messed with my mind and drew me back in after reading the cliffhanger, setting up what I am sure is going to be an epic third book. So far both books have been filled with steamy sexual scenes, angst, and emotional drama but I think it's about to get dark and that is when this author shines!

Get through this emotional roller-coaster of a book because I think we are just getting started for a wicked ride!

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