Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Tiffany's Review ~ Getting a Grip by ME Carter

Getting a GripGetting a Grip by M.E. Carter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


Elena Monroe never thought she'd be divorced by the time she hit forty. Now a single mother of three, she needs to learn how to control her life again. With her mom, best friend and a new (hot) friend, she'll so just fine.

I can't say enough how much I love book that feel REAL. Its a story about things that happen in real life. Going through divorce and feeling guilty, being made to believe it's all your fault, and raising three kids the best you can, and trying to pull yourself together at the same time. When Greg, the new friend, comes along he'll teach her she's a lot more than a mom.

Omg I loved the emotion and ups and downs my feelings went through. Elena had an amazing support system and that made a huge difference in her life. I didn't feel like it was full of fluff. The writing was amazingly smooth. This author definitely knows what she's doing. I laughed, cried and had several OMG moments. This is an author I'll definitely look forward to reading again in the future. Everyone deserves a Greg in their lives!

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