Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Shy's Review ~ Cocky Chef by JD Hawkins

Cocky ChefCocky Chef by J.D. Hawkins
My rating: 4 of 5 stars


This was a good contemporary romance about two people who both have a passion for food, and each other.

Cole is the owner of the hottest restaurant in LA and his new cook, Willow, is getting under his skin in more ways than one. But the more these two get to know each other, the more they want to know. And when their passions for food and each other blur the lines, bringing feelings to the surface, they need to decide if they will let their past hurts and future dreams come between them.

The description of this book, and Cole especially, had me going into this story with certain expectations. And the author certainly didn't disappoint. Cole was arrogant and sometimes abrasive and extremely cocky, but his food spoke for itself and the more you got to know him the more you realized the personality included a good heart which makes the other stuff easier to swallow.

Willow was a very relatable character. She had past setbacks that had her questioning her present and her future. She knew what she wanted, just was struggling to make it a reality. But I loved how driven she was. And the fact that she stood up for what she believed in and spoke her mind. I thought she was a good counterbalance for Cole.

Overall this was a good stand alone romance with an easy to read storyline, good characters, and a satisfying ending. It's definitely one I could recommend two others.

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