Monday, August 19, 2019

Now Live & Giveaway ~ Happily Ever His by Delancey Stewart


Happily Ever His by Delancey Stewart is available now + FREE in Kindle Unlimited!!!

“Charm, humor and heart melting romance are combined beautifully in this amazing read…a truly unique and extremely fun book.” – Amazon reviewer

“an absolute thrill to read. A truly delightful, mixed up love story that is full of fun and drama” – Goodreads reviewer

“I love this book, I laughed until I cried… I couldn't put it down!” – Goodreads reviewer


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Tess was used to being in the shadows. But when movie star Ryan McDonnell pulls her into the spotlight, her whole world is threatened. Can a relationship that starts as a secret fantasy ever survive in the real world?

My sister Juliet has always gotten everything she wants.

It’s fine though. I never wanted the spotlight. That was my sister’s domain. And now that she’s America’s most popular starlet? She can have it.

But when Gran—the feisty woman who raised us, and who I cannot seem to wean off video games, an afternoon doobie, or her daily Manhattan—has a huge party to celebrate her 90th birthday, Juliet brings the Hollywood madness straight to Maryland.

In the form of my ultimate movie-star crush, Ryan McDonnell. I can barely form a sentence around the guy (at least I don’t still have a poster of him on my wall). And I definitely can’t get over the fact that he’s Juliet’s new boyfriend.

I just need to get through the weekend with them—and with the magazine people who are covering them and the party for a feature. I just need to stay away from Ryan and his warm curious eyes, his perfectly chiseled arms, and the impossibly sexy things that come out of his mouth when we’re alone together.

It’s only one weekend, and I just need to remember that Ryan is an actor. A good one. Because I almost believe him when he tells me we have a chance together.


#2 Happily Ever Hers – Releasing September 5, 2019

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