Thursday, September 12, 2019

Blog Tour ~ #Review ~ Best of Me by LK Farlow

BEST OF ME by LK Farlow 
Release Date: September 5, 2019 
Genre: Contemporary Romance

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For as long as I can remember, I’ve been the dark to my sister’s light—the awkward loner to her social butterfly. Growing up, she had it all: our parent’s unyielding approval, perfect grades, a permanent spot at the popular table, and the attention of the hottest guy ever—Duke Kincaid.
After eighteen years of living in her shadow, I couldn’t wait to escape—to finally be my own person. Yet here I am, I’m back in my hometown, once again in Valorie’s shadow. Only now, it’s eternal.
I had life all planned out: join the force, marry Valorie Parsons, and start a family of our own. I have the job, but the girl and all my dreams died before my very eyes.
Finally ready to move on, I agree to a blind date. Imagine my shock when I arrive and find, Valorie’s twin sister, waiting across the table from me. Mallory should be a reminder of all that I’ve lost, but instead she feels like my redemption . . . like maybe life’s giving me a second chance.
But, how can I be enough for her when I’ve already given her sister the best of me?


Nate follows my line of sight and smirks. He may be my best friend and partner, but damn if I don’t want to knock that smarmy-ass look right off his face. And when he opens his mouth, the feeling intensifies. “It’s okay to—”
I shoot him a withering glare before stomping off toward Mallory.
I don’t stop until I’m close enough to feel the heat of her body. She has to tilt her head back to see me, and when our eyes meet, my name topples from her lips on a breathy sigh. “We need to talk.” My tone is all business—my cop voice, as Nate calls it—as I wrap my fingers around her forearm, prepared to drag her along behind me if necessary. Luckily, she comes all too willingly—so why am I still holding on to her?
The feeling of her soft, sun-warmed skin beneath my palm sends little zaps of electricity under my skin, into my muscle. Her nearness has me strung taut like a drawn bow. Here’s to hoping like hell I don’t snap.
Deep down, like really fucking deep, I know I’m acting like a colossal asshole, but much like a prepubescent boy picking on his schoolyard crush, it’s the only way I know how to deal with all of the conflicting feelings she stirs in me.


I feel like this book is yet another shining example of what I love about this author's writing. 

She really is an exceptional storyteller. 
She took a storyline that might not seem like it would work and made it into a beautiful romance. I truly felt the love between these characters. And even if Duke had a previous love, and despite who his first love was to his second love, by the end I truly believed in what Duke and Mallory had. 

Their story certainly had its share of bumps and bruises. And I kind of wanted to strangle Mallory's parents. But it was all so fantastically written that the ending was the well-deserved cherry on the top. 

This is a must-read story. It's absolutely deserving of all 5 stars plus some. 


About LK Farlow LK Farlow (A.K.A Kate) is a small town girl with a love for words. She's been writing stories for as long she can remember. A Southern girl through and through, Kate resides in beautiful, sunny LA--that's Lower Alabama, y'all--with her amazing husband and three rambunctious children. When she's not writing, you can find her snuggled up on the couch watching car shows while she crochets or with her nose in a book.
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