Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Live Early ~ Magic Man by Jamie Schlosser

   MAGIC MAN by Jamie Schlosser is LIVE EARLY! 



I’ve been putting my son first for so long that I’ve forgotten how to be me. Each monotonous day bleeds into the next, and I feel like I’m struggling to keep my head above water.

But a kiss at the top of a Ferris wheel with a man I barely know changes that.

Jay reminds me that I used to be bold. Vivacious. Funny.


Now if only I could convince him his past mistakes don’t define the man he is today.



I can perform over a dozen illusions with a simple sleight of hand, but I can’t make the felony on my record disappear.

The last thing I should be doing is hanging around a young single mom and her kid.

But Casey doesn’t know that I’ve been watching her. That I want her for myself. That I’m addicted to her dimples, her tenacity, her fierce love for her child.

If I was a better man, I’d leave her alone, but she pulls off the biggest magic trick of all time: making me believe I’m a good guy.

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