Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Teaser Share ~ The Nowhere Trilogy by Kat Mizera

Have you started this epic royal trilogy yet?!
I am so royally screwed...

Nowhere Left to Fall by Kat Mizera -- NOW AVAILABLE!

She's a rockstar. Literally.
I'm in line for the throne. Sort of.
We're in love and it's everything.

Life would be perfect, except my asshole cousin (the dude who actually is next in line for the throne) is trying to drive my country into civil war.

I'm trying to make Casey mine forever.
I'm trying to forget that my cousin is an asshole (did I mention that?).
I'm trying to save my kingdom.

I am so royally screwed.

BOOK 2: Nowhere Left to Run -- October 1st


THE CONCLUSION: Nowhere Left to Hide -- October 22nd

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