Tuesday, December 24, 2019

99c Sale ~ Commander by Sienna Snow

Secrets, Bargains, and Ambition...Love was never part of the plan.

Commander, a steamy, second-chance standalone romance from bestselling author Sienna Snow, is ON SALE now for only 99¢!

Don’t miss this steall! Grab your copy today!

I am Tara Zain.

Human rights attorney, the Commander to my colleagues in international affairs, and fiancee to the most powerful man in the country.

I’ve learned love is a useless distraction. Money and status are the true motivators, and powerful alliances are much more important than romantic entanglements. My passion is my work, and nothing, not even the promise of happily-ever-after, will keep me from accomplishing my mission.

This is why I’ve made a bargain with the one man who shattered my heart years ago. He’s proposed that I stand by his side and foster the beginning of a new political dynasty.

But I have secrets.

Secrets that could destroy not only this man and the passion we’ve rekindled but the very laws of the nation he has sworn to uphold.

I am Tara Zain. Future First Lady of the United States of America and COMMANDER.

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