Monday, December 30, 2019

99c Sale ~ Twisted by Aleatha Romig

🔥🔥 LIMITED TIME 99c SALE on TWISTED by Aleatha Romig 🔥🔥
"Suspense, mystery, intrigue, emotional upheaval, the ground work is laid, the webs are spun. The more you read, the more questions you have, the faster you need to turn the pages. Just when you think you have it, there's something else revealed that creates more questions than answers." ~5 star Goodreads Review
TANGLED WEB is complete and TWISTED is only 99c...your next BINGE read is here. Begin today at this amazing price!
Jump in today to TWISTED, OBSESSED, and BOUND.
The trilogy everyone is talking about is ready to be downloaded stopping as the suspense, mystery, and intrigue pull you in until the final page.
Download TWISTED, OBSESSED, and / or BOUND today and be Aleatha'd!

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