Monday, December 9, 2019

Release Blitz ~ Insolent by Cynthia A. Rodriquez

Title: Insolent
Series: Sinister Fairy Tales Collection
Author: Cynthia A. Rodriguez
Genre: Dark Romance Fairy Tale Retelling
Release Date: December 9, 2019
There’s a girl screaming at the top of a hill,

Burdened by a duty she was born to fulfill.

There’s a quiet killer lurking nearby,
Watching as she wishes only to die.
She’s tasked by her mother to marry a man,
Until the demon from hell puts a wrench in the plan.
Their fates will twine in inconceivable ways.
But where one goes, the other cannot stay.
How could she fall for such a man, you ask?
For the girl with no heart, it was the easiest task.

This is the latest installment of the Sinister Fairytales. It was another dark and twisted tale. Where the others have had a fantastical/paranormal feel this one does not. This was a straight-up twisted retelling and very loosely based on Brave. 

Moira, the sunflower with fiery red hair, has had a terrible existence at the hands of her mother and bothers. She has been sheltered from any caring contact and is about to be married off to a suitor of her mother's selection. That is until Sol and his men show up. 

Sol is on a mission, one that has been in the making way longer than I anticipated. His true intentions don't become clear until fairly far into this story with each piece a bit more twisted than the last. What he doesn't expect is the draw to Moira. He is death and she is light but is she really.

Moira played an interesting part in the story, she was strong and brave. She did not scare easily and too has a taste for blood. Sol doesn't quite know what to do with all of that wrapped into one package. And while he starts off as a stonecold killer, he thaws a bit.

The story kept me intrigued and the twisted I did not see coming. It was a bit tame in some aspects and some things went almost too fast but I did enjoy it all the same. 
Cynthia hates writing her own bio. In her down-time, you can find her watching movies, ranging anywhere from classic to action flicks (she has a weakness for Marvel adaptations), and reading any novel she can get her hands on.

She loves hearing from her readers! You can reach Cynthia at Both her Twitter and Instagram handles are @thecynrodriguez.


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