Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Shy's Review ~ Running with a Sweet Talker by Jami Albright

Running with a Sweet Talker (Brides on the Run, #2)Running with a Sweet Talker by Jami Albright
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Book two of the Brides on the Run series by Jami Albright was just as enjoyable as book one.

One of the things I really enjoyed and was happy about was the narration. It was the same narrator as book one and she does a really nice Southern accent for the leading ladies. I also just liked her overall performance. There was a good difference between her female and male tones so I could easily tell who was talking when.

The other thing I really liked in this story was the story itself. It was nicely paced, very interesting, and had great characters. I wasn't sure about Jack in book one but I ended up really liking him pretty quickly into this story. Luanne I already knew I'd like. She was awesome as the dependable best friend and lawyer to Scarlett in book one, but I liked her just as much as the leading lady in this one. So far this is shaping up to be a really good series.

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